The design signifies the fundamental essentials of the Association’s immediate and long term goal/mission.

WHITE BAND circling the whole symbol signifies PHALTRA’s continuing efforts to maintain transparency, solidarity and unity amongst treasurers and assessors towards the ultimate goal of attaining economic/financial growth annd stability of the local government units and eventually, the nation.

THE PEN AND THE KEY INTERLOCKING EACH OTHER represent the inter-relationship of assessment and treasury offices, one without the other is meaningless. they also symbolize the management tools, techniques and continuous learning process to efficiently and effectively administer treasury and assessment operations synergizing personal and professional growth.


GREEN stands for growth and hope for new opportunities and ideals for personal and professional advancement which in turn steers national development.

GOLD for prosperity and abundance, the shining array of massive and equitable wealth and resources through a committed workforce of treasurers and assessors.

WHITE symbolizes transparency and purity of spirit.

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